Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform

While the legal framework of this country is one of the greatest in the world, we can and should always strive to improve. The Founding Fathers emphasized restraint of the government and acknowledged the importance of a defendant’s rights. In many ways, we have fallen short of this which has led to the deterioration of trust in certain communities. Dr. Rodgers promises reform by:

  • Enacting a Second Step Act to continue the GOP’s promise to address systematic deficiencies by completing drug and police reform.
  • Improving funding for law enforcement to retain the existing police force and attract new community hires to serve in traditional and advanced roles to better collaborate with the local community, be proactive in addressing modern crime, and create a comprehensive police force to ensure safety in our neighborhoods.
  • Increasing reporting of officer-used force from independent forensic investigations from 40% to an eventual standard protocol, and using that data to: prevent bad actors from future service, reward good officers for faithful service, and praise the best departments and publicize their methods. 
  • Broadening state freedom to regulate and enforce controlled substances, encouraging innovative approaches developed with input from our local neighborhoods, healthcare community, and local law enforcement to increase access to drug treatment, expand edification opportunities during incarceration, and a vigilant focus on suppressing violent crime.