Economic Opportunity

Our nation was founded upon the belief in small government, free-market principles, and the ability to pursue the American Dream. We are at a crossroads where our children’s future is being stolen by corrupt bureaucrats and horrendous economic policies. Dr. Rodgers has a multilevel approach to mending the economic stagnation which includes:

  • Cultivating economic independence and growth by reducing wasteful spending, limiting inflators, and using targeted investments to rebuild impoverished communities.
  • Disposing of the artificial creation of US currency while steering the economy away from a tax-heavy approach.
  • Reducing the size and scope of the federal government, focusing on eliminating unnecessary and anti-entrepreneurial regulations.
  • Utilizing Opportunity Zones, in lieu of endless social programs, to incentivize investment in distressed communities employing tax breaks for non-gentrifying, long-term funding to create jobs, generate tax revenue, and produce wealth for communities experiencing generational poverty.
  • Revitalizing our domestic energy capabilities by strengthening our energy infrastructure, ending dependence on foreign energy, tapping into our bountiful domestic resources, and investing into new technologies such as improvements to nuclear energy.
  • Limiting Federal Government interference in the development and implementation of Bitcoin and digital assets by easing the burdens of complicated and unnecessary new regulations on digital asset.