Every child deserves quality access to education that shouldn’t be defined by their zip code! At one point, America set the standard for education across the globe but in the last several years the quality of education has decreased due to bloated bureaucracy and failed practices like common-core and standardized testing. Parents deserve a seat at the table and greater autonomy over their children’s education. As an experienced educator, Dr. Rodgers will fight for: 

  • Remodeling education through school choice, respecting family rights, and encouraging classroom innovation with state education independence.
  • Granting all families school options, regardless of income or address, within an educational marketplace hosting a wide array of scholastic options for students, letting citizens reward the best learning models and letting the weakest die out.
  • Encouraging state experimentation with competing models of education in different settings, operating under uniform, state-developed criteria for student access and success.
  • Demanding educational transparency in which the community can clearly review and understand how curriculum, instruction, operations, and professional development support student success.
  • Redirecting school funding to focus on high-quality core curricula, replace group-level social-emotional learning from a group perspective by focusing on the student as individual learners, and improving access to Career and Tech programs.
  • Sponsoring an improved network of affordable community colleges, trade schools, and industry-internships to improve the variety of access to higher education.