Foreign Policy

America has long remained the beacon of freedom, liberty,  and democracy in the world. While we must prevent wasteful entanglements, such as the failed conflict in Afghanistan, the United States must maintain a robust military presence and not bow to tyranny on the world stage. Dr. Rodgers believes this approach will include:

  • Returning to Republican principles by combining economic and militaristic might to ready a well-funded, versatile defense to carry out a Constitutionally-sound foreign policy.
  • Ensuring that the power to commit a nation to war be lodged in the power of Congress as stated in the Constitution.
  • Employing a strong standing armed forces stationed strategically throughout the US and with allies abroad, ready for fierce defense, but utilizing a humble, foreign policy.
  • Executing aggressive trade partnerships to leverage American financial might against bad foreign actors and to compel adherence to all international laws.
  • Investing in future military technologies to assist with cybersecurity and infrastructure security, an arena in which Americans are lagging behind in the international community.