Every American is deserving of quick and quality healthcare. The solution to this is not to enact single-payer healthcare, as some on the Left might say, but to enable free-market competition while legislating protection for those who are most vulnerable in our society. Dr. Rodgers believes the best way to tackle the issue of healthcare is by:

  • Protecting pre-existing conditions, extending HIPAA portability, and lowering the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals to ensure that no American is left behind. 
  • Decentralizing the Affordable Care Act’s centric approach by returning regulatory power back to the states while simultaneously establishing federally-funded, state-administered Guaranteed Coverage Pools to ensure individuals with high-cost illnesses have access to quality and affordable coverage.
  • Curtailing regulatory barriers such as allowing for the purchase of health insurance across state lines which will ensure competition in the marketplace. 
  • Reforming the tax code to provide equal tax treatment in the employer and individual health insurance markets.
  • Resist all federal mandates and encourage individuals to rely on their personal healthcare provider to inform any medical decisions.