America’s strength has always been derived from its diversity. We are a land of immigrants who sought refuge to build a better tomorrow for our children. Our state of Texas is a shining example of a multicultural community built upon the labor of legal immigration. Dr. Rodgers plans to address immigration by:

  • Supporting comprehensive immigration reform which would effectively secure our borders, improve refugee programs for efficiency, explore trade relationships with neighboring countries to curb migration, and address the status of all illegal immigrants, undocumented residents, and legal residents.
  • Securing our borders through the creation and completion of any necessary physical barriers, hiring more border personnel, penalizing businesses who hire illegal immigrants, and holding a zero-tolerance policy for human traffickers.
  • Continuing to use Remain in Mexico policy to ensure our refugee programs remain efficient in helping those in the greatest need, while we explore continental and international trade policies to curb migration beyond the border, including private investment in The Northern Triangle.
  • Shifting our system of immigration by moving toward a merit-based system that takes into account the needs of our country and supports all applicants equally using criteria such as education, skills, criminal background, and family history.